Uni Group

  • Universal Dil Hizmetleri ve Yayıncılık Ltd. Şti. (Universal), is a leading company in Turkey and its region with its 41 years of experience in written and oral translation services, its expertise and its customer-oriented service philosophy.
  • Universal started its professional life as Universal Translation Office in 1976, and opened its first branch in 1982 to offer its services to more customers.
  • It reincorporated as a Joint Stock Company with the participation of translators, editors and managers in 1985, created a more productive working environment, and adopted an institutionalization and management model which serves its individual and corporate customers more effectively.
  • Universal Language Services, who serves thousands of customers with its hundreds of translators, took the first step towards becoming a Group in order to increase its productivity through integration by founding Universal Basım Ltd.Şti{6] in 1989, which was a crucial attempt at the preparation of books and documents identically.
  • Within the framework of the management’s strategic plan, UniTer Translation Services was founded in 1997 in order to serve small and medium sized companies with actual, urgent and certified translation needs. In accordance with this plan, Universal Çeviri Atölyesi Ltd. Şti.{5] [8} was established in 2009 as a third branch of the group in order to train qualified translators, to conduct the most sensitive terminology studies, and to develop software for the industry.
  • In addition to Kadıköy and Mecidiyeköy offices, we decided to open new branches in order to expand our services. In this regard, we opened our İzmir branch in 2017 to serve directly and more closely to our customers in the Aegean region.
  • As Universal Translation Group (UniGroup), took part in vast international projects, it continued to provide high quality human resources which the industry needed.