What is TRANSERV®?

Automation System is based on the principle of making translation and desktop publishing production processes accessible throughout all stages of production by employees, translators, and clients in line with Universal’s Corporate Information Management discipline. Compatible with Intranet, Internet and Extranet, TRANSERV® is a management system, which enables authorized exchange between departments; use; protection; and publishing of the information on the Website.

TRANSERV®, is a system which allows safe storage of information generated, and business processes managed by Universal;

building of an organizational memory;
supervising and monitoring authorities of employees and in-house partners (translators);
ensuring accuracy of, and standardizing business management processes among all employees, and channels;
reporting and analysis;
Sharing processes, and projects with business partners (clients); and
archiving by work order of work items received from or sent to client or translator, and access to archive any time upon authorization.
With its web-based architecture, and possibility to integrate it with different systems (LOGO software), TRANSERV® is structured not only as a process-based automation solution, but as a system providing Universal with a strategical competition advantage in all business processes relating to Marketing, Customer Relations, Translator Relations, Sales, Customer Services and Cash Flow. TRANSERV® Automation System is designed to enable management of business processes, translators, and of clients in translation industry, drawing on knowhow of integrated service package, which the company developed in desktop publishing sector.
It is a system, which is operable in different languages, and can be adjusted, and improved according to changing requirements of Universal through the time, without need to software changes.