Technical Translation

Technical Translation is a kind of translation that proves us it is not enough to know only the language for making a professional translation. Having the command of a language doesn’t allow us to make every translation in that language. One should have technical background knowledge about that field and translate according to this. A translation, which will be on a product information text in the health sector, requires a certain level of knowledge about that subject. Besides, even the usage instructions of a small machine have importance in translation because the language mistakes made may cause significant problems. Especially, the importance of this matter increases in the health sector. Therefore, one should definitely work with a professional technical translation company particularly about technical translation.

teknik çeviri nedir?The text you sent and the language in which the text will be translated should form completeness. The meaning that the text conveys should stay the same after it is translated as well. Universal provides professional service to you on this subject. With professional translators who have technical translation experience in every field, act healthy and professional!

Technical Translation requires intense information. Content, usage instructions and the information transfered don’t accept any fault. A translation mistake about product usage or important information may bring significant damage to you and your company. Universal works faultlessly on technical translation service. The texts you send are translated into the language you request by translators who are experts on the field of technical translation. Then, the translated text is checked by another technical translation expert. The margin of error is reduced to zero and accurate texts are delivered to you.

For a Correct Technical Translation

The texts should be clear and short as far as possible. The translator should not make any alteration on the technical translation text sent. He/she should stay on script. Everything the text expresses should also have the same meaning after the translation process. Regarding your request, easier reading can be obtained by making fine arrangements like itemizing on the technical translation works such as user’s manual. Use of long sentences should be avoided.
If you are looking for a professional technical translation company which is also expert on its field; along with our 41 years’ experience in the sector, we would be glad to be solution partners with you as well.
Universal provides technical translation support in engineering, architecture, construction, electronics, physics, chemistry, biology, optics, hydraulics, television, informatics, software, automotive and many more fields. You can contact us for more information and for details on technical translation prices.

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