Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Some of the services, which Universal already renders as integrated with translation process, and according to document type, area of specialization, and customer expectations can also be individually delivered.
Below you can explore the services, which are the products of Universal’s expertise in language, technology, and of 41 years’ experience.
Professional document translation techniques as well as works we do are key players in our pioneering progression in the industry. Universal aims to offer you the best through specific approaches to translation process, which the company enriched with 41 years’ experience.

  • Editing

    It is a comparison made by some other translator between source and target text with reference to “standards for accurate translation,” after translation is complete. If editing of a text is requested, then it will be checked for the following criteria by Universal’s specialists in the related field.

    Terminological Consistency
    Syntax –punctuation mistakes
    Appropriateness for both the intended purpose, and the target audience
    Compliance to local standards
    Compliance to target text’s format
    These services are included in translation service, as well as they can be provided separately for suitable texts.

  • Proofreading

    This line of service is intended for ensuring that particularly materials to be printed or published contain zero mistakes.
    In proofreading, specialist of the source language carefully checks for, and corrects, if any, grammar mistakes, typos, and spelling errors identified in the text.

    Through this service, Universal delivers perfect and turnkey contents, benefiting the editorial experience of 37 years in publishing business.

    Register Review

    Aim of this service is to realize necessary corrections, after checking whether the content of a written or a translated text is appropriate for the specific industry, and is familiar to target audience or not.

    Specialization in the field is a core criterion for ensuring quality of translation. Not only the texts received as translated from the customer, but also the ones translated by Universal, even if they are produced by a translator with specialization in the industry, can be made subject to register review by a second specialist in the field after the translation and editing are complete, and if requested by our clients. In this point, register reviewer checks the text not only to fix language errors, but also to ensure its compliance to “12 criteria for field-specific text assessment,” particularly such as terminology, measurement units, and appropriateness of phrases for target audience etc.

    Nativity Review

    This service is designed for those clients required to create content in a foreign language; and is intended to answer the necessity of having the text translated by native speakers, as it is a must for a quality translation. Aim is to identify, and correct wrong usage of phrases; terminology mistakes; idioms not belonging to the respective language; grammar mistakes etc. particularly in the translated and written text in a foreign language. Because the native translators should be appointed during translation or editing phase, nativity review, even if not much recommended by our company, has provided our clients with serious source optimization, and sound use of text.


    When numerical revisions or small revisions need to be made in a translated text or texts in different languages, this proceeding requires translation expertise, technology and extraordinary diligence all together.

    On the other hand, using of such an interim service instead of re-translation of newly produced texts provides a great advantage to our clients in terms of cost optimization.

    Incoming old-new texts are analyzed through our Data Processing Technologies, which allow us to identify necessities for translation, revision, and proofreading. Then, depending on client’s request, carefully revised text is delivered in its perfect form.