As part of its “Solution Partnership” policy, Universal Language Services and Publishing, Inc. not only meets the needs of customers for translation services, but also tailors processes and solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of customers for publishing their works.

Preparations for printing a document or publication normally consist of two stages: Desktop processes and page design.

As part of the desktop processes, the appropriate type size and typefaces are selected and the necessary typesetting is performed.
As part of the page design process, decisions are made on the following: number of lines on each page, length of lines, sizes and colours of typefaces, placement of diagrams, graphics, images, etc., page-setting, cover design, subtitling, footnoting, etc.

Desktop Publishing and Pre-printing Services

Page Design
Graphic Design

Publishing & Production

BiOur Publishing and Production team has the necessary experience to meet your publishing needs flawlessly, including text or book authoring and design, translation, redaction, editing, page design, cover design, acquisition of printing licences, printing, binding, distribution and all other publishing services to your satisfaction.

Printing Services

We provide printing and reproduction services for your books, brochures, catalogues, promotional documents and other publications through our trusted solution partners, providing excellent printing and copying services. These high quality printing and publication services we are offering at competitive prices can help you focus more on your core operations and also cut your printing and publication costs.

Website Development

  • Website Development (Planning, Design, Graphic Design, Text Authoring, Translation)

  • Website Updating (Improvements for a vibrant website)

  • Website Management (Website Launching and Management in the most suitable environment)

Electronic Publishing

  • Electronic Dictionaries
  • Electronic Publications


  • Sözlük ve Kaynak Yayınları
  • Akademik ve Mesleki Yayınlar
  • Ders Kitapları
  • Hukuk ve Mevzuat Yayınları
  • Dijital Yayınlar – Dijital Sözlükler
  • Baskı – Matbaa Hizmetleri


Reference Books and Dictionaries
Academic and Professional Publications (Business Administration, Management, Medicine, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Translation)
School Books
Law Books
Digital Publications
General Purpose Publications

General Purpose English-Turkish Dictionary of Biological, Botanical & Zoological Terms

It is one of the most comprehensive in its field. The dictionary provides definitions in Turkish of nearly 14.000 English terms.


Strategic Marketing Management

A reference book. providing an overview of marketing principles, marketing management, strategic marketing and global marketing for business students. It is also a powerful guide for marketing and sales executives, wishing to improve their professional and experiential knowledge.


Professional Sales and Management

Written by Prof. Muhittin Karabulut on marketing and marketing research, the book provides comprehensive information on marketing and sales.


The easiest way to improve English

This book is intended to help English language learners, having basic knowledge of the language and vocabulary, to improve their vocabulary


When Civilizations Meet in EU Process

Written by Can Baydarol and published by Universal Language Services and Publishing, Inc., in 2003, this book presents accurate and comprehensive information, in easy-to-read chapters, on Turkey’s {MQ}journey to full membership of the European Union.


Mental Health in Education

Mental Health in Education. Written by Prof. Refia Uğurel Şemin and published by Universal Language Services and Publishing, Inc., this book is intended to provide pedagogical guidance for youths wishing to become a high school teacher.


Turkish Laws in English

Universal Language Services and Publishing, Inc. provides translations of Turkish laws for executives of businesses and organizations, competing in the international arena and wishing to stay ahead of their competitors, to help them manage their business relations in Turkey.