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Our Translation Technology

An essential part of our corporate content management is translation technologies. In this process, which has virtually become one of the capabilities of our 41 years of experience in translation, the translations we deliver are the most valuable inputs of the process. The methods, knowledge and experience needed to transform these critical data into usable and reliable data are more important than the method of collecting them. At Universal, we offer data transformation services to all of our customers by employing cutting-edge data processing and linguistic technologies that we started using 21 one years ago simultaneously with the rest of the world. These services can modify your approach to translation asset planning thoroughly in the short, medium and long term.

What does Technology Mean in Translation process?

Enterprises often have intellectual data flow varying in amount depending on the enterprise’s size that needs to be managed uninterruptedly. So, any enterprise in need of bridges between the languages of these assets purchases translation services on occasion; because most enterprises do not set aside a budget for managing and integrating those translated documents. Please visit our Corporate Content Management page for more information on this issue.

Why Softwares in Translation?

The basic goal of this method, which is considered a technique increasing efficiency in conventional translation processes, is to generate the best results possible. Integration and the level of quality is the most significant element for us. Translation memory management minimizes the risk of serious linguistic discrepancies in a certain translation project that could otherwise result from change of translators in conventional translation processes. Because it maintains a translation history and a road map of your documents, regardless of whether the translator assigned to your projects is replaced. Terminological consistency, as the guarantor of high quality, comes in right at this point to ensure flawless translations through memory management. Time is the second most important challenge to be solved in translation. With improved capabilities compared with conventional translation processes, our translation memory management technology can help you meet event the tightest deadlines for your projects. It is priceless to know that your documents, comprising hundreds of thousands of words, can be translated flawlessly into 5 different languages and delivered to you in only a month.

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