Universal Language Services and Publishing is a leading company in Turkey and its region with its 41 years of experience, expertise and customer-oriented service philosophy.

1976 - Foundation

Universal Translation Office was established in İstanbul Cağaloğlu by three partners.

1982 – New Branch Opened

Mecidiyeköy branch was opened in line with customer demand and development.

1983 – Turkish Legislation English Publications

In line with Turkey’s policy of overseas expansion, and in order to meet the need to know Republic of Turkey’s laws which emerged as international relationships developed and foreign investments increased, we launched Turkish Legislation Publications by having the Turkish Legislation, which included the entirety of the laws regulating trade, taxes, auditing, banking, foreign exchange, investment and industrial production, translated into English, French and German by expert translators.

1984 – Computer Use in Translation

For the first time in Turkey, we started to use PCs consisting of 4 parts in the production of translation and related services, which were more advanced than the electronic typewriters with installed memories.

Changing Leaflet Publication System

With the “Changing Leaflet Publication System”, we started to offer the Turkish Legislation Publications in 15 different packages together with the amendments made during the years to all subscriber institutions and organizations including public offices, domestic and foreign professional organizations, banks and multi-national entities.

1985 – Translators and Editors Became Partners

We reincorporated as a joint stock company where employees became partners. We created a productive working environment and became institutionalized in order to offer better services to our individual and corporate customers.

We opened our Ankara (Bakanlıklar) and İstanbul (Gümüşsuyu) branches at the end of the same year.

We launched “Tele Translation Service” by which we started to use fax and telefax in order to modernize, to save time and to accelerate communication. With this working system, we reduced the number of motorized and walking couriers from 10 to 4, achieving considerable savings.

As the computer use increased, programs developed and their areas of usage expanded, we started the Information Processing and Documentation department to meet customers’ needs and boost their satisfaction.

1987 - Desktop Publishing

In order to carry out production in environments where translation is done and to finalize the products in environments (digital, print / multimedia) that are required or preferred, we started the Desktop Publishing department where typesetting, graphics, preparation and printing procedures were performed. We also developed the publishing preparation and printing infrastructure.

1988 - Publishing

We started our publishing life by publishing dictionaries and manual translation memory.

1991 – Universal Technical Dictionary

We published English – Turkish Encyclopedic Dictionary prepared by Hilmi Özenli, one of our technical translators, which contained terminology from various areas such as Electricity, Electronics, Computers, Nucleonics, etc.

As the demand for translation and post-translation activities such as redaction, editing, typesetting, graphical page-setting increased, we established the Project Study and Management Group to manage comprehensive projects.

1993 – Ministry of Education Books / with Financing from World Bank

The consortium we formed with Evren Ofset (Ankara) won the tender for the translation, localization, preparation and printing of Ministry of Education Industrial School Textbooks, a project which was financed by World Bank, which we are still proud. Translation of technical texts in 9 different areas commenced as term lists developed by Universal dictionary and translation / localization teams were approved by translators, editor scholars, and supervision and acceptance board.

1994 – Preparation of 28 Textbooks

We submitted 28 textbooks in 9 different areas to the Board of Education and Discipline for approval. After their approval, we translated, localized and prepared those 28 books for distribution in 8 months. The books were printed by Evren Ofset, the other partner of the consortium, in required amounts, and were delivered to the Ministry of Education and offered to the service of the students of technical schools.

1995 – All In One Automation Software

We provided our services to one of the leading companies in this area for the localization of its software. AllInOne Automation Software is the most important one among its peers.

1997 – Universal Goes Online

We initiated online translation services by publishing our website. We also installed intranet in our offices.

1998 – Integration of Translation and Publishing Services

We completed our investments in archive and digital printing systems and finalized translation and desktop publishing integration efforts.

1999 – Universal Leads the Technological Innovations

We launched online translation and payment services.

We actively participated in and supported the foundation of Translation Association where our managers assumed significant responsibilities and roles.

2000 – We Grew Stronger With More Innovations

With a view to ensure customer satisfaction and in line with Universal’s integrated services perspective, we established the UniWeb® Department where websites were localized, and texts were written, arranged and designed.

We emphasized the development of our international network by employing expert translators and building business partnerships.

We prepared, printed and distributed the Biology Dictionary in English – Turkish.

We examined the Machine Translation Applications and launched the software development process.

2007 – Industrial Structuring and Organization are Important

We became a founding member of “Translation Companies Association”, which was established in May with the participation of 22 companies, and we played a leading role in its foundation and organization.

Translation Management Automation Universal, Transerv

Since 2007, we used the latest information technology in all translation and service management processes.

2009 – We Certified Our Quality

We received our International Quality Standards Certificate ISO 9001:2000* and EN 15038: 2006

* Translation and Language Services (Written, Oral (Consecutive), Simultaneous), English Legislation Publication, Dictionary and Resource Publication, Publication Production Services, Desktop Publishing and Printing Services

** Written Translation Services, Translation Services Project Management, Desktop Publishing

2010 – We Value Education

We launched translation workshops.

2012 – Our Service Spectrum Expands

We started integrated terminology management and content management.

We opened our Kadıköy (İstanbul) branch.

2013 – Universal Kadıköy opened Central Branch in Söğütlüçeşme

We founded Unigroup (Universal Translation Group).

2016 – We Certified Our Quality – Again

We received EN 17100:2015 Quality Certificate

2017 – İzmir met with Universal’s Quality

We opened a branch in Alsancak, İzmir to meet the needs of the city, the Greatest Port and Commerce City in the Aegean Region.

We reached today by combining our extensive experience of 41 years with the latest technological systems.

Universal Language Services and Publishing is here to satisfy your needs.

We grow as customers grow.

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