Our Corporate Values

Our Corporate Values

Universal's Vision

Universal desires to compete as a strong leader, stay innovative, achieve customer satisfaction, and offer professional satisfaction to all our employees all the while achieving high and deserved revenues from its services, just like any other independent service and trade company. However, this success would be valuable only if it is achieved by offering world-class services through cooperation and collaboration, and by making no concessions regarding our principles and values as the leader of the industry.

Our Corporate Values

Universal’s Mission

With a view to provide high quality and useful services in Language Services, Translation Services and Translation Business by constantly changing and developing; to contribute to the economy of our country by supporting the development of young translators, businessmen and the industry while working; to make effort to increase the welfare around the world and to achieve peace and happiness among people and the living; to keep the interests of the industry and our country above our own interests, and never to relinquish them.

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Universal's principles and values

Each Customer is Valuable

Each customer is valuable regardless of the amount of the turnover generated.

Transparent Information and Process Management

We believe that customer satisfaction can be achieved only through timely provision of high quality services at a reasonable price, and safeguard these principles.

Commitment to Quality

We bring the best in the industry together with institutional experience and culture. We offer high quality work through supervision at all stages.

Working With Written Principles

We work with pre-determined work principles from the beginning of the project until its completion, and do not deviate from them .

High Quality Human Resources

When selecting the best translators in their respective areas, Universal pays great attention to their adherence to Universal’s objectives, mission, vision, working principles and values.

Customer and Information Confidentiality

From the customer’s first contact, forever, he demands customer confidentiality and corporate privacy in all business processes from all suppliers, principally and systematically maintains it.