Life sciences comprise many businesses that are striving to secure a foothold in the global healthcare market and to reach their consumers in an intensely competitive environment by introducing new products, such as medical equipment, treatment methods or medicines.

Compliant Medical Translation

The fact that the core business of the industry is human healthcare, any new product or substance placed on the healthcare market is inevitably governed by strict regulations. Our medical editors closely monitor all changes and amendments to these regulations and inform our team of medical translators of them accordingly.

In case of a multilingual medical translation project, Universal assigns the project to translators specialising in medical terminology and also focuses on the related regulations of the country where the target language is spoken.

Document Management and Reporting

The industry has a huge volume of content and, as such, needs translation services as required by the globalisation process, as well as comprehensive document management services.

Project analysis, indirect cost analysis for new products and documentation consistency are indispensable for the industry, and Universal offers its customers a secure archiving system and efficient archive-based reporting services in these areas.

The goal here is to develop a localisation process where optimum timing, quality and cost-saving can be achieved.

Clinical Assessment and Quality Control of Translations

Some of the leading pharmaceutical, clinical research and medical equipment companies in the industry have been entrusting the task of translating their projects to Universal for years now as they know well that Universal meticulously assigns translators specialising in the subject matter of their projects.

After completion of the translation process, where a customer-approved terminology is employed, the translation is validated, if needed, by the clinics and industry specialists accredited by Universal.

All fine-tuning and improvements to the translation are proofread by our in-house editors to ensure delivery of a flawless translation.

Commonly Translated Medical Documents:

  • User’s Manuals, Interfaces and Application Documents for Medical Equipment
  • Patient Medication Information Leaflets, Medicine Licences and Production Permits
  • Medical Articles, Clinical Studies, Reports
  • Health Certificates and Reports
  • Compliance Certificates, Customs Documents
  • Medical Equipment Maintenance & Repair Manuals
  • Letters Patent
  • Medical Marketing Content