Marketing and E-Commerce

We understand that each magic word you create to make your brand stand out and differentiate in the market is priceless for you. The starting point of such a creation process is culture. The translators employed by Universal and producing excellent marketing translations have, at least, the following three competencies: Being familiar with the target culture, proficiency in marketing language, and creativity in copywriting.

Copywriting Beyond Translation

Advertising texts are persuasive texts, intended to place the target image in the consumer’s mind, but this is possible only if the text resonates with the target culture. Universal considers advertising and marketing texts are exceptional documents in the world of translation and, therefore, they require exceptional solutions.

For that reason, Universal’s team of translators, all dedicated to achieving the best result possible in this market segment, translates, processes, reads and delivers your marketing text as if it were recreated in the target culture and in a manner that the translation reflects the concepts and meaning of the source message.

Multilingual Marketing

At Universal, your multilingual marketing documents are translated by native speakers of the target language to deliver back translations conveying accurately your message to your target market.

Multilingual marketing documents processed and translated by Universal’s highly qualified native-speaker translators and business partners working in your target market/language create the same influence as your source documents in the target market do.

Please visit our Multilingual Marketing page for more information on our suite of multilingual services and support.

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SEO and E-Commerce Compliant Content

When it comes to web content translation, the user experience of the translator assigned to the web translation project is the most significant determining factor of our success in this field of service. So, any web content translation must be handled by engaging in-country native speakers and reflect accurately the web surfing habits of the target society. For that reason, any web content we translate and proofread is assessed by Internet users before delivery as part of our standard service.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) compliance has become vital in the development of websites, particularly if they will be available in one or more foreign languages. Universal assures SEO compliance which involves many variants such as the number of keywords, keyword distribution across the page content and selection of the right keywords in all website translations, and checks SEO compliance of each completed website translation before delivery with Review assistance from its business partners operating under the umbrella of UNIWEB.
If you wish to have your dynamically updated e-commerce website/blog translated into another language, Universal will give all the support you need and help you achieve your goals in the target language at low costs by working on your manual update infrastructure in complete harmony with your webmaster.
In addition, Universal’s suite of content management services (XML Content Authoring) is designed to help you manage your websites or software, automatically updated by a Content Management System (CMS). Having vast experience in data analysis, DTD conversion and web content testing, Universal can also help you manage efficiently the deadlines and costs of your large-scale projects to a remarkable extent by offering you optimal pricing and accelerated translation/conversion processes.
Please contact our Project Coordinator for more details or to request a draft quote tailored to your needs.

Commonly Translated Services & Documents:
  • Website Development
  • Advertising and Promotional Materials
  • Product Catalogues and Brochures
  • Packaging Data Translation
  • Press Releases
  • E-Commerce, Auto-Update WEB Infrastructure (XML, XLSX, WORD formats)

Being the first translation company in Turkey certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate for Translation Services in 2008 and to EN 15038 European Quality Standard for Translation Service Providers in 2009, Universal has introduced many firsts in the translation sector.

UniGroup achieved compliance with the said standards through Transerv, a software it has developed as a result of its vast industry experience.

After a year of hard work, the company has designed and developed a quality assurance system, intended to ensure a fully-automated management of all the processes of service, and the system was launched in October.

The system was certified by BureauVeritas Gözetim Hizmetleri Ltd.Şti., and Universal received the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate on 28 February {MQ}2008.

At Universal, we are dedicated to preventing deviations from our existing quality assurance system and to continuously improve the quality of our services.

Our goal is to guarantee all of our customers the same level of quality in our services at all times.

Universal owes its unmatched success to its real-time professional experience. At Universal, we know that professional experience, coupled with linguistic expertise, is key to a high quality translation.

For that reason, Universal boasts a highly qualified team of translators, project coordinators and editors with vast professional experience to meet your needs for translation services.

The content of each translation should be assessed and tailored specifically for the target audience is the motto of Universal. We also know that selecting and using the right terminology is essential to assuring a high quality translation. Terminology management, the most critical element of the whole translation process, blends in with professional experience, effective communication with customers, and linguistic expertise at Universal to generate flawless results. Some of the industries for which we have virtually become a solution partner by delivering millions of pages of translation:

Universal analyzes all texts submitted by customers by using computer software, graphic programs and media transfer processes at the phase of pricing and evaluation.

Universal has the technological and professional capacity to translate your source documents or texts, regardless of the format in which they are created, and deliver them back in any format of your choice.

For instance, we can translate your monolingual promotional materials into 12 different languages, with all their high-resolution pre-flight testing being completed, and also deliver a PDF version of them for you to view and read.

With 42 years of experience in the publishing sector, Universal manages all translation processes in-house, including printing, and boasts the industry experience and subject matter experts needed to offer its customers a flawless, integrated service package.


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