We are aware how important it is to our customers to have an accurate translation of their legal documents. Legal translation is the first domain in which we have acquired expertise since the foundation of Universal nearly 41 years ago. For that reason, we are well aware of the requirements in this area and we handle every legal document with at least the same level of care and attention as our customers would do themselves.

Responsibility and Confidentiality Agreement

There is no room for mistakes in a translation of any field. Even a small error in legal translation would result in serious consequences that might lead countries into crises, businesses to bankruptcy, and people to vital risks. You should first work with a translation business partner which is well aware of those potential risks and acts responsibly.

Legal documents delivered to translation companies generally contain confidential and proprietary information. That means you often need to share your business secrets or other patent or proprietary information, which must normally be kept confidential, with a translation company you are not familiar with. For that reason, Universal, as the confidant partner of its customers for nearly 41 years, assures strict confidentiality of its customers’ secrets by employing the IT security measures it has developed as part of its business ethics policy.

Universal further guarantees this high level of confidentiality by signing a “Confidentiality Agreement” with the customer upon request.

Expert Translators and Editors

Universal holds the leading position in the Turkish translation market in terms of the volume of legal translations delivered. In recent years, the company has dedicated some of its certified translators to legal translations in a bid to maximize subject matter expertise. The proofreading and editorial processes for all legal documents translated by Universal are conducted by a team of editors having 20 years of experience in legal translation solely at Universal.

Adapting in-house operational processes to legal translation in addition to maximizing subject matter expertise, Universal develops an operational synergy with its customers by taking into consideration all the details involved, including hearing dates.

Process-Integrated Terminology Database

The dictionaries and terminology database we have developed highlights best the success we have had through years in turning our vast experience into tangible products.

Universal is proud is proud to state that it uses its own Dictionary of Legal Terms, compiled by its in-house editors and legal translation experts through hard work, in all legal translation projects it assumes. Our in-house legal terminology database, similar to online dictionaries, has been integrated into the translation process used by our translators. Moreover, the Dictionary has been dynamically updated with terminological contributions from our translators and customers specialising in law.

Universal’s team of translators have broad experience in translating legal documents that require secondary subject matter expertise, letters patent in particular, by using the technical dictionaries compiled in 6 different domains by Universal, with an extensive and flawless terminology database. The domain-specific dictionaries compiled by Universal are indispensable references for Electrical-Electronic, Biological, Nucleonic, Computer, Zoology, and Botanical terms.

Commonly Translated Legal Documents

Letters Patent, Certificates and Licences
Laws, Legal Texts, Regulations, Communiqués
Court Decisions, Expert Witness and Discovery Reports
Powers of Attorney, Agreements
Corporate and Personal Identification Documents