Universal offers interpreting services in 16 major languages with a team of highly qualified language professionals, specializing in their respective fields.
Universal’s team of language professionals, each holding a degree in translation and interpreting, provide interpreting services tailored to your specific needs.

Universal’s Golden Rules of Interpreting
  • Linguistic competence and analytical skills
  • Domain expertise and correct use of terminology
  • Flexibility to adapt to meeting dynamics
  • Stress and crisis management skills
  • Capability of attentiveness and focus
  • Awareness of Universal’s culture, and confidentiality

At Universal, we are capable of customizing our simultaneous or consecutive interpreting services to your requirements, depending on the features of your project and your organizational structure.
Our team of interpreters, each of whom we can also call a communication expert, provide interpreting services, having vast experience and competence in 3 major categories, for your interpreting needs at meetings on international commerce, economics, technology, as well on social and political issues.

Simultaneous Interpreting

In this mode of interpreting, the interpreter works in a sound-proof booth, equipped with a headphone and a microphone, in the meeting room. When a speaker in the meeting room speaks into a microphone, the interpreter hears the message of the speaker through the headphone and interprets the message simultaneously for the audience by speaking into a microphone.
Before requesting a quote, please click here for more information on our simultaneous interpreting services.

Consecutive Interpreting

In this mode of interpreting, the interpreter sits at a table together with the meeting participants and interprets the sentences of each speaker consecutively without using any technical equipment for that purpose. Universal provides consecutive interpreting services, tailored to the customer’s specific needs, with a team of experienced interpreters trained in conference interpreting.
Once assigned to a meeting, Universal’s team of interpreters start working on the issue that will be discussed, as well as on the terminology that will be used, at the meeting.

Consultant Interpreter and Tele-Interpreting

Universal’s team of interpreters has the necessary professional skills and competence to assume the level of responsibility assigned to, or expected of, them in delivering high quality interpreting services for your complex projects, including reports, contracts, bid specifications, etc. that require experience and expertise in more than one domain. In your multi-lingual projects, developed whether in-house or outside and requiring team-work, Universal’s interpreters will provide dedicated services as if they are part of your team.
Universal maintains a dynamic, quick-thinking and experienced team of interpreters and translators, specializing in their respective languages and domains and capable of meeting the need for consultant interpreting services in any industrial segment, to offer you flawless consultant interpreting services as your ideal collaboration partner.
The Tele-interpreting service, introduced by Universal 22 years ago for the time in Turkey, is the perfect solution for your interpreting needs when you receive an unexpected call from your customer abroad or in case you will hold a meeting where face-to-face communication is not needed.
You consultant or consecutive interpreter will be your helping hand across the linguistic divide at any location where adequate communication equipment is available on both ends. Since this service may vary depending on many criteria, please request an express quote before you actually need it.

Conference and Infrastructure Services

Universal employs its experienced human resources, delivering interpreting services at your meetings, and its high quality coordination services to combine all the relevant components needed for meetings.
Uniter Tercümanlık ve Turizm Ltd.Şti., a subsidiary of Universal, has organized countless conferences since its foundation and boasts a high quality simultaneous interpreting service capacity to offer you immaculate conference and interpreting services everywhere you may need.
UniTer first analyzes your needs for meeting venue, industrial expertise and interpreting services and then cooperates with leading industrial brands to deliver you all the meeting materials and services to help you organize flawless events.
In addition, benefitting from UniGroup’s pool of interpreters and translators, UniTer offers all the physical components needed for meetings and other similar events to represent you in your events in the best manner possible.

  • Simultaneous Interpreting Booths, Speakers, Headsets, Microphones and other
  • similar equipment for conferences and meetings
  • Provision of meeting venues
  • Technical Support

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