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Why would you need Universal?
Every industrial manufacturer absolutely uses at least one communication network to communicate with its foreign customers, suppliers or business partners. The scope of the communication network varies depending on the needs of the parties involved, and import and export of physical products, services, raw materials and technology are the most important factors giving rise to international business relations, mostly in the manufacturing industry.

The quality of your documents is the most critical element for your communication with your customers and suppliers. Any information contained in your documents and delivered to your customers in any communication environment represents you and your organization. The quality of translation (localisation) of all documents delivered to you along with any type of industrial machinery or equipment you import can determine the level of efficiency of those machinery or equipment. Among other benefits, it can also improve your productivity and workplace safety.

Most Effective Communication Tool for Manufacturers and Customers

The language used in your important print materials, such as product catalogues, user’s manuals and warranty certificates, is the most effective tool you can use to communicate effectively with your customers. So, if you want to make sure that your print materials reach your customers with accurate content; have a look at the vast range of communication services offered by Universal.

Process-Integrated Terminology Database

Universal is proud to state that it uses its own dictionaries of technical terms, compiled by its in-house editors and translation experts through hard work, in all technical translation projects it assumes. Our in-house terminology database, similar to online dictionaries, has been integrated into the translation process used by our translators, and it has been dynamically updated with terminological contributions from our translators and customers specialising in their respective domains.
Universal’s team of translators have broad experience in translating your technical documents that require extensive expertise, letters patent in particular, by using the technical dictionaries compiled in 6 different domains by Universal, with an extensive and flawless terminology database. The domain-specific dictionaries compiled by Universal are indispensable references for Electrical-Electronic, Biological, Nucleonic, Computer, Zoology, and Botanical terms.

Commonly Translated Technical Documents:
  • User Manuals for Machinery
  • Product Catalogues
  • Compliance Certificates
  • Technical Analyses, Academic Compliance Reports
  • Maintenance & Repair Manuals
  • Letters Patent
  • Licences and Permits
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Workplace Safety Instructions



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