Globalisation and Language Consultancy

Multilingual Marketing

Marketing professionals know well that understanding the customer’s language is the first rule of the international market. But, speaking the customer’s language alone is not enough to understand it. Most critical failures in international market penetration in the history of marketing stemmed from marketing plans developed without taking into account the cultural attributes of the target market.

Multilingual Brand Management

Your marketing efforts and marketing budgets and projects can help you reach your goals without loss of resource only if you obtain all the relevant data on the language and culture of your target market.

Hence, companies need those data and necessary surveillance throughout all the marketing process, from the development of marketing plans to their distribution in the related marketing channels.

A marketing approach, understanding this variant as simply translating the Turkish words used by employing their equivalents in the target language, is very likely to fail.

Foreign Market Localisation Services

Universal comes in right at this critical point. With its 41 years of translation experience and world-class translators and domain experts, Universal provides assistance to its customers in their marketing operations to help them reach their target audiences.

  • Country Analysis
  • Domain Expertise Assessment
  • Language Consultancy in Globalisation and Localisation Processes
  • Outsourcing, Recruitment and HR Consultancy in Target Markets


At its Translation Workshop, established within UniGroup, Universal has been training new translators to contribute to the sector’s human resources and also help them start their career at Universal.

The company has been offering training programs in the areas of professional translation, localisation methods, advanced translation and interpreting methods, etc. since 2001, and has the capacity to provide on-site training programs upon request.

Corporate training programs conducted in coordination with the HR departments of many local brands having presence in international markets help them improve their own competitive position.

With 41 years of experience in the translation industry, Universal is always ready to assist you in all your business operations requiring a bridge between languages.

Guide-interpreters and Consultancy on Translator/Interpreter Recruitment

We provide interpreting services for company executives and business people to meet their needs for industry-specific terminology with our highly qualified interpreters specialising in the related domains.Our interpreters can accompany you during your business trips and meetings abroad or meet your interpreting needs in your international business operations.

In cases where interpreting services provided on a daily or monthly basis for periodic or location-based projects fall short, Universal assigns an interpreter(s) from its pool of interpreters, which has been created through a flawless interpreter assessment system, and provides the necessary training to that interpreter just to meet your needs and requirements. Universal also offers consultancy on translator/interpreter recruitment.

Remember, every time you need translation, Universal is always on your side with its flawless resources.