Finance – Banking

Finance – Banking

Undoubtedly, the financial industry ranks first in the global market in terms of volume of data flow. The industry, where a huge volume of international transactions and integration are handled every day, naturally entails intensive multilingual communication.
Both the banking and financial sectors in Turkey and abroad have grown at a fast pace and at stable rates in the last 15 years and also expand their global integration with each passing year. Many global brands enter the Turkish financial market either through acquisitions or by establishing a new bank. On the other hand, some Turkish corporations make investments abroad.

Need for Intercultural Corporate Adaptation

In cases of acquisitions involving local and international companies and where integration between them is required, services of a mediator/translator as a linguistic bridge between them during the adaptation of the international company’s business approaches to its local organization are indispensable.

Universal delivers perfect translations in this area as well, thanks to its expertise in the cultures and languages of both companies, combined with the domain expertise it has acquired since its foundation in 1978.

Industry-Specific Translation Team

Providing translation services to the finance industry for the last 38 years, Universal has both left its mark on many noteworthy projects and trained many highly qualified translators to meet the need for financial translations in the market. Considering domain expertise in translation a must, Universal employs its pool of freelance translators, its own human resources and its terminological database, which has been built through years of hard work as part of its in-house editorial processes, for all financial translation projects it assumes.

Flawless Format and Content

We know well that one of the most important things for businesses intending to purchase financial translation services is to have the content of their reports translated flawlessly and delivered in the original format.

The data transformation and format transfer technologies we have help us guarantee our customers that we deliver perfect content translation. We leave this whole process to our text translation and format consolidation software programs to avoid any potential risk of human error. In the final phase, each translated document is proofread before delivery.

The Turkish Central Bank’s Uniform Chart of Accounts is one of the noteworthy financial translation projects completed and delivered by Universal in as short as 3 months. Universal has been providing translation services for 7 of the top 10 banks in Turkey for 38 years.

Commonly Translated Financial Documents

  • Charts of Accounts, Balance Sheets, Financial Statements
  • Comprehensive Reports, Executive Presentations
  • Product Descriptions, International Certification Applications, Tax Returns, Licences
  • Powers of Attorney, Agreements, Annual Reports
  • Corporate and Personal Identification Documents