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Social responsibility has been one of our fundamental values since the establishment of Universal Dil Hizmetleri ve Yayıncılık Ltd. Şti. In its simplest terms, social responsibility can be defined as the consideration, development, contribution to and protection of the general interests of the society by individuals and private sector entities as they protect and improve their own interests. In line with our philosophy of social responsibility and principles, our company, which has been active in language services and publishing industry for 41 years, offers its services by avoiding a solely for-profit perspective, and by contributing both to individuals and the society.

We have always adopted this philosophy when supporting people and public institutions and NGOs.

In line with our mission and vision which are determined within the framework of our area of activity, our company and managers, who have played significant roles in the professionalization, organization and sectoral structuring of the industry, have fulfilled their responsibilities with great success.

Our Future, our Children and our Families (The Platform for Protecting Children and Their Rights, Koruncuk Foundation, ÇATED membership and management)
Support for the Promotion of our Country and the Protection of our Country’s Interests (Founder of Turkey European Union Foundation; Turkish World Magazine, Documentaries promoting Turkey, Founding member of MAG Foundation, Neighborhood Disaster Support membership)
Support for Agricultural and Urban Development (Presidency of Agricultural and Urban Development Foundation), İstanbul Chamber of Architects Sponsorship / Kent Life Magazine publisher
Support for Organic Agricultural Production and Development (Membership to Wheat Association and Support to their projects, Founder of Konya Organic Agriculture Association, and Management of their projects)
Support for Education, Student Scholarships, Fatih Education Foundation Founder and Manager (Speaker at conferences on professional subjects, organic agriculture, environment and organization; participant at workshops, lecturer, and other activities of associations)
Support for Academic Studies (paper translations, support to preparation of publishing, sponsorship in activities)
Environmental Awareness (Membership to TEMA and support to its activities (Recycling – printing out less documents, not printing out translations, etc.)
Support for Increasing Energy Resources, Renewable Energy, and Energy Saving (activities and awareness regarding reducing carbon release, use of economic energy and light)
Waste Management (recycling bins)

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