Content Authoring

Content Authoring

Universal offers you professional content authoring services, as one step further from translation job. Having managed intellectual sources for over 41 years, Universal provides those clients needing more than translation, with an option of target document design with or without a specific source text.

Technical Authoring

Drawing on technical translation experience of 260 million words, Universal delivers reliable technical data management and documentation services to their clients.

Even if total achievement of utilization, production, and transportation of complex equipment depends on technical communication, it can be enabled only through professionally created technical data sets, and documentation.

Universal offers technical equipment producers and distributors a high quality, and cost effective documentation management. Company’s technical translation competency forged in more than 41 years, and countless technical publications, made Universal an expert on entire publishing processes spanning technical authoring, simple guidelines or service bulletins.

Duty of Universal is to make simple what is complex, and to make it fully intelligible to the target audience, by using process inputs such as original texts, reference sources, guidance by company’s technical staff, legal directives etc. In order to achieve such a corporate goal, many companies already prefer technical authoring to translation service.

Main categories of technical publication offered by Universal

  • Contracts

  • Service Customer Management Texts

  • Visual Displays

  • Guidelines

  • Flow Charts

  • Project Documents

  • Product CataloguesTraining Material

  • User’s Manuals

  • Web-based training materials

  • Websites


Marketing and Creative Writing

Advertising copies are persuasive texts which usually aim to get its intended image through consumer’s head, while such an influence can be achieved only in the culture where the copywriting is undertaken. Universal considers advertising and marketing as exceptional fields of document translation, which require exceptional solutions.

If you need a solution beyond a translation related to your advertising copies or marketing campaign, Universal is the right place. Placing several global brands on Turkish market, and introducing so many national brands to tents of language and culture through advertising and marketing materials, Universal has launched a brand new service in Marketing/ Creative writing. All you need is to send us the details of your campaign, your product, and your concept; and then let the experienced “Creative Translation” experts of Universal re-build your campaign in their native language, and according to their local culture.

Web Content Authoring

User experience in final text of web translation is the foremost indicator of our success in this line of service. Translated text is, thus, expected to perfectly reflect internet habits prevalent in the community of the language. Consequently, web contents are made subject to final review by sector-specific internet users after translation and proofreading, as a part of the entire process before delivery.

Web content authoring involves several processes from production to sale, and requires familiarity with diverse fields spanning engineering, and marketing due to variety of subjects. As a result, even if translated texts are proficient from many aspects, they are sometimes not capable of enabling a company to fully communicate through a specific language. In that regard, web content authoring, as a next phase of translation, provides a solution. Having translated millions of words in marketing/creative and technical fields so far, Universal currently provides content authoring services in 22 languages, with contents conveying correct messages.

SEO Assessment & SEO Content Authoring

It is no doubt that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now an integral part of digital marketing management. Regarding that, Universal can provide SEO assessment and implementation solutions while generating high quality texts during translation of websites into different languages. As a result, SEO project of respective language, which is normally undertaken after translation as a separate project incurring high costs, is executed during the course of content authoring at a much lower cost. In that way, authoring of more successful web content is also enabled. SEO compatibility, which is determined by several variables such as number of keywords, distribution of keywords throughout the text, usage of proper key words is taken care of by Universal during translation process; and it is reviewed, before delivery, by our business partners operating under UNIWEB. Do not hesitate to contact us, should you need to learn more about our services thereof.