PRESS RELEASE– November 1st, 2016


The first presentation of Smithsonian Enterprises’ ”Bestseller” book series: ”Falling to Earth”, is now in Turkey with great efforts of Universal Language Services.

Washington, DC, USA – Smithsonian Enterprises, located in Washington D.C. and in business within Smithsonian Institute (, decided this year to work with business advisory services Ko-Tech LLC ( located in Virginia\Mclean and with Universal Language and Publishing Services ( registered in Istanbul to present Smithsonian Books to the Turkish market. As a part of this cooperation, some special works that belong to Smithsonian were going to be translated into Turkish both to be published in paper and in digital format in Turkey. The first great thing to come of this partnership, author ”Al Worden”s book ”Falling to Earth” from bestseller lists in America, has been presented to Turkish reader.

“The command module pilot (CMP), the second in command of an Apollo spacecraft, was the least understood and least appreciated crew member by the media and the general public.  In Falling to Earth, Al Worden, CMP of Apollo 15, clearly and candidly recounts the wonder, the challenge, the triumph, and the pitfalls of flying to the moon.”—Neil Armstrong, Gemini 8 and Apollo 11 astronaut

“Very few of us flew to the moon, and the stories we brought back with us are special, treasured, and unique. Al is both a pilot and a poet, and his honest portrayal of our exhilarating adventures will move and excite a whole new generation.”Buzz Aldrin, Gemini 12 and Apollo 11 astronaut, author of Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon

“The space program first rewarded, and then punished, Al Worden—and he is better for it, as this exceptional book reveals.  It’s the full story, told with clarity, insight, and humor, altogether a wonderful read.”—Michael Collins, Gemini 10 and Apollo 11 astronaut, author of Carrying the Fire

“Ever wonder what it would be like to spend several days orbiting the moon—alone?  Al Worden’s expressive description of his Apollo 15 mission takes you there, and then on the 250,000-mile return, falling to Earth.  This is not just another space mission book.  In his intense, tell-it-as-he-sees-it style, Worden details what led to that wondrous experience and all that followed.”–John Glenn, first American to orbit the Earth

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