IT and Web Localization
Website Translation

Your corporate website is certainly your most important gate to the rest of the world. Our first goal is to help you create the same level of impression in all the foreign languages of your choice as you have achieved in your mother tongue.

Website translation is generally one of the translation projects involving seriously painful processes on the customer’s front since most corporate websites come with many complex variables in terms of IT, in addition to their high volumes of content, unrealistic deadlines and simple texts.

Over the last 40 years, Universal has delivered immaculate website translation services to many leading local and international brands in the Turkish market. In appreciation of our services, these brands call in our teams every time they update their website content. In addition, Universal has become one of the leading translation services providers and has been preferred by many foreign brands, aiming to reach out to the Turkish market, as Universal boasts a track record of quality and success in translation services alone for the last 25 years.

In this segment of the industry, Universal has two key features helping it differentiate itself from its competitors: Use of cutting-edge technology, and 40 years of experience in multilingual marketing. Our customers share with us the texts, images, graphics, etc. or simply their website URL to enable us to meet their translation needs and leave the rest to our technological competence and experience to enable us to deliver their turnkey project flawlessly.

For more information on our corporate philosophy governing our website translation services, please visit our multilingual marketing services page.

Software & Interface Localisation

We all know that the success of software increases considerably if its interfaces have been designed efficiently. The performance of your software in international markets is linked directly to the level of consumer embracement of your software. Accordingly, Universal believes that embracement of your software by consumers is only possible if the interface used in your software is translated successfully into the intended culture and language.

We observe in certain cases that an interface written in a certain culture would not be as much efficient in its translated language as it is in its original language even if the same format is used. The factor determining this variable is the level of knowledge of the transformation service provider about the target culture and language. That is why we call this process “localisation” rather than “translation”.

With its highly qualified IT-software testing teams and global technology partners, Universal provides turnkey localisation solutions to many leading brands.

Capable of developing and implementing seamless solutions tailored to your specific needs from analysis to final testing of content, Universal makes its customers’ business life more comfortable by offering easy-to-run formats for all types of update processes.

Tell us what about your needs, deliver your software or simply interfaces (API), and then let Universal handle the rest for you to your satisfaction. Once you begin to receive positive user feedbacks in your target market, you will witness that the output is exactly what you expect from us, and that your software will be perceived as if it were originally developed in that market.

For technical details on our localisation services, please click: Content Management and Technology