With 40 years of experience and a customer-focused approach, Universal Language Services and Publishing Inc. is a leading provider of translation and interpreting services both in Turkey and abroad.

Founded in 1976 as Universal Translation Agency, Universal Language Services and Publishing Inc. established its first branch office in 1982 in an effort to expand its customer portfolio. The company was registered as a joint-stock corporation, and restructured its organization in 1985 with a view to creating a more efficient working environment and providing more effective services to both individual and corporate customers. Employing hundreds of translators and serving thousands of customers, the company took the first step towards becoming a group of companies by establishing UniTer Translation Services in 1997 in an effort to diversify and improve the services in the translation sector. As part of Universal’s strategic management plan, UniTer focused rather on retail translation services and on small and medium-sized corporate solution partnership operations. In 2009, the Group established Translation Workshop Ltd. as its third member company to contribute to the sector’s human resources with qualified translators, accomplish even the most complex terminology projects and develop translation software for the sector. After providing services at its 600 m2 head-office in Mecidiyeköy for many years, the Group decided to establish branch office once again and established its Göztepe and Mecidiyeköy offices, both spanning a total office space of 400 m2. Today, the Group conducts all of its operations at its head-office located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Universal Translation Group (UniGroup) leaves its mark on international and large-scale projects, supplies highly qualified human resources and develops intellectual sources to meet the needs of the translation sector in these areas.