Most translation companies treat translation orders for automotive documents as technical translation. However, automotive is a separate industry Universal has specialized in. Universal has been the first choice of many automotive brands since its foundation. For instance, 22 of the 23 automotive brands in Turkey worked with Universal between 1984 and 2001. Universal’s automotive translation team has delivered countless translations to some of the leading automotive brands of Germany, Japan, Korea, France, etc. origin, and gained extensive experience in the industry.

Industry Knowledge and Dynamic Terminology Management

Our automotive translation adventure that began 34 years ago has earned us great industry knowledge, working methods, awareness of customer requirements, as well as unique translation expertise, all helping us differentiate ourselves from our competitors. When you place a translation order with Universal, get ready to meet our translation processing team, knowing what to do and how to deliver your translation even before you need to tell us about your expectations.

Having adopted the policy of specialising in industry-specific translation 30 years ago, Universal makes all the necessary investment in an effort to ensure that each of its translation team specialises in a certain industry by providing them industry-specific training. In addition, most of our editors, holding a BA degree in translation studies, attend training programs offered by third-party institutions on automotive-related issues, including engine, mechanics, physics and mechatronics, to further improve their expertise.

As a result of our “close collaboration with customers” policy, our team of automotive translators is dedicated to developing and using the most suitable terminology by collecting relevant data from customers’ training departments and technical services, and thus maximizes the translation’s integration into the customer’s industrial processes.

Universal aims not to simply provide a translation to the reader, but to deliver a document which communicates the content accurately.

Format Diversity and Technology

Besides offering high quality localisation services to companies for their technical repair and maintenance documents, Universal has the capacity to process their sales and marketing documents to their expectations. Since most companies transfer their technical documents to computer screens or software (API), those documents cannot normally be shared in Word or PDF format and, consequently, cannot be processed.

Universal has the technological infrastructure and localisation experts needed to meticulously analyse and process documents of any format, and deliver them in their original format. However, before being delivered, all documents go through localisation testing on the basis of feedback from the customer, and they are archived for later use.

High-volume Translation Management

Having blended its 41 years of experience in translation methods with cutting-edge technology, Universal has all the capacity necessary to manage high volumes of translations that seem unmanageable to many other translation companies, and also deliver them smoothly and right on time.

You can trust Universal’s experience whenever you have to meet a really tight deadline, deliver high volumes of documents, or handle even the most complex formats.

Commonly Translated Automotive Documents:
  • Repair Manuals, Technical Service Manuals
  • User’s Manuals, Warranty Certificates, Authorized Repair Centre Manuals, Maintenance Instructions
  • Marketing Materials, Motor Vehicle Catalogues, Website Content
  • Customs Documents, Compliance Certificates
  • Spare Part Catalogues, Training Documents