Content Authoring and Management Systems (XML Authoring)

You can trust Universal’s experience whenever you have to meet tight deadlines, deliver a high volume of documents, or handle even the most complex formats.

When you plan to have your dynamically updated E-commerce platform/Blog translated to another language, Universal will be on your side. Universal’s experience in content authoring and management system will enable you to work on your manual update infrastructure in complete harmony with your webmaster, and to achieve your goals in the target language at low costs..

XML Authoring ve Content Management Systems

Universal’s suite of content management services (XML Content Authoring) is designed to help you manage your websites or software, automatically updated by a Content Management System (CMS). Having vast experience in data analysis, DTD conversion and testing of web content, Universal can also help you manage efficiently the deadlines and costs of your large-scale projects to a remarkable extent by offering you optimal pricing and accelerated translation/conversion processes.

Please contact our Project Coordinator for more details or to request a draft quote tailored to your needs.