Our Story

UNIVERSAL Translation Services and Publishing Inc. is a leading language solutions company with a strong presence both in Turkey and abroad with 41 years of experience and expertise in translation and interpreting services and with a customer-oriented service approach.

Starting out as Universal Translation Agency in 1976, Universal Translation Services and Publishing Inc. grew by opening new branches in order to extend its services to more clients. The Company was restructured into a joint-stock corporation in 1985, and began creating a more efficient work environment in order to improve its services to its individual and corporate client base.

Universal has translated continuously updated Turkish Legislation into English, German and French, with a view to meeting the need arising from a new phase in international relations beginning with Turkey’s 1983 policy of foreign investment. It continued to develop this activity over time, and thus fulfilled a crucial mission for the translation sector while contributing to Turkey’s foreign trade and the country’s efforts to open up its domestic markets to foreign investors.

In recent years, Universal has prepared the English translation of Turkish Legislation in 15 separate sets, each in a ring-binder format, and now it delivers all subsequent amendments to its corporate members annually.

Closely tracking rapid technological developments, Universal built a computer-based network system in 1984 and, one year later, introduced a Tele-Translation service. In the same year, a Data Processing and Documentation Department was set up within the Company. Swiftly completing its institutionalization project and expanding its service network by opening a branch in Ankara and another one in Gümüşsuyu, İstanbul in late 1985, Universal established its Desktop Publishing Department in 1987; here type-setting, graphics, pre-printing and printing operations are handled.

Launching a project in 1988 to create dictionaries and reference books, Universal published an encyclopedic dictionary entitled, Turkish-English Encyclopedic Dictionary of Electric-Electronic-Computer-Nucleonic Terminology in 1991. In the same year, it formed a Projects Unit to handle comprehensive projects. In 1993, with the support of the World Bank, Universal rolled up its sleeves to translate and print textbooks for the Vocational-Technical Schools of the Turkish Ministry of National Education. As a result, 28 textbooks on 9 different subjects were translated by the technical translators of Universal Translation Services and Publishing, edited by contract lecturers and then submitted to the Board of Education for approval. Upon approval by the Board of Education, the textbooks were printed and distributed to Vocational-Technical School students by the Turkish Ministry of National Education.

In 1994, the construction and interior design of Universal’s Head-Office, planned carefully to ensure a seamless integration of its services, were completed. Again in the same year, Universal restructured its corporate organization and began to focus more on its publishing operations with greater enthusiasm and energy. Universal has provided support to many domestic and foreign publishing companies as a solution partner, and also performed or assisted in the translation, pre-printing and printing operations of dozens of periodicals and thousands of books.

In the nineties, when automation and other software programs were developed and offered for multinational services, Universal achieved an excellent track record in the localization of comprehensive programs of the world’s leading software companies. This has earned the Company a well-merited reputation in this field.

Universal has always created a benchmark of its own. It began to work in the Internet environment and launched its website by setting up an Intranet system in its office in 1997. In the following year, Universal completed its archiving and digital printing systems project and integrated its translation and desktop publishing operations. In 1999, it began to offer online translation services and accept online payment. During that period, Universal actively contributed to the formation of the Translation Association which is an umbrella organization for the translation sector.

In the early 2000s, with a view to meeting the need for website localization, transcription, website design and website building services increased along with the Internet’s expected spread throughout the world and its incorporation into our business and social lives. With this in mind, we set up our Uniweb Department which helps us maintain our dedication to client satisfaction and our integrated services.

In recent years, Universal has focused on building and developing an International Network of expert translators and business partners. By signing agreements with leading-edge translation companies and freelance translators in many countries around the world, it managed to leave behind its competitors in the race for providing multilingual services to both Turkish business people and world trade.

After some long and detailed work, we created a Turkish-English Dictionary of Biology and delivered it to distribution channels.

As a founding member of the “Association of Translation Companies”, which was founded by 22 translation companies in May 2007, Universal played an important role in the establishment of this Association.

Since 2007, we have been using the latest informatics technology throughout our translation production and service management process.

Universal offers its clients a wide range of online and interactive multilingual and publishing services and integrated systems built on advanced software programs, some of which were developed originally by ourselves.

Our Values
  1. Customer Satisfaction: Happy language experts, happy employees, happy language consultants and happier solution partners; they all share the same goal: to make customer happy.
  2. Inspire the future: To play a leading role in delivering high quality services and translations to bequeath a better future and a better industry to younger generations.
  3. Quality Promise: We bring together the best services, blend them with our experience, and then inspect them until delivery; the goal here is to deliver the service exactly as we promised.
  4. Protect customer’s information just as if it is yours: We keep the customer’s information confidential in all the processes, from the moment of contact to the end of time.
  5. Fair and Ethical Competition: We respect our competitors, avoid unfair competition, and never tolerate any disclosure of our competitors’ confidential information.

The core values listed above are the backbone of Universal.


Universal’s long history in the translation sector has earned it a large portfolio of customers, probably larger than that of any other comparable company. The portfolio provides us with a perfect roadmap for analysing the customers’ markets and profiles, and this shows our customers that we are familiar with their markets. We call this “Perfect empathy with the customer”. We know that our customers wish to work with a smart and honest company, sharing the same principles with them. As a result of selecting its business partners through a meticulous and quality-oriented process, Universal build long-term business partnerships in the translation sector. We are proud to say that we worked with at least 8 of the top 10 companies in the industries we specialise in, and we are still working with 5 of them.

Solution Partners

Given our policy of recruiting translators that are our most valuable asset, we are like a tailor, travelling thousands of miles just to find the best fabric. Our Human Resources Department is dedicated to assigning each translation task to a translator who specializes in the related task. Our multi-page and multi-question translator assessment forms are based on the following 3 essential criteria:

  • Language proficiency and skills
  • Domain expertise
  • Professional (translation) ethics

We require our translators not only to be sensitive about the style, terminology, speech rhythm and functional elements of both the source and target languages, but also to be properly familiar with the cultural background and history of the countries involved. In addition, translators are supposed to have developed the analytical skills needed to fully grasp and communicate the essence of the text they translate. For that reason, they should be of vast culture. Most translators generally focus on one or a few domains throughout their careers, like mechanics, medicine, law or politics.

These skills, coupled with the translator’s language proficiency, bring about translations of exquisite quality. Our team of translators, having the necessary language proficiency, many years of experience and domain expertise, provide consultancy services to some of the leading industrial and financial companies, banks, insurers and advertising agencies in Turkey, as well as to some major international organizations.

Business Partners

The high quality of the products and services provided by Universal to its customers naturally comes from the composition of the best components available in the translation market.   We select, test and evaluate our potential business partners through our procurement and outsourcing method, coupled with our unique international communication network built on many years of experience and also based on UniGroup’s quality vision and standards.

Most of our world-class business partners have a leading position in their respective markets and are members of major international professional organizations in which Universal is also an active member. Universal has 46 language and technology partners across the world.

Uni Group

With 41 years of experience and a customer-focused approach, Universal Language Services and Publishing Inc. is a leading provider of translation and interpreting services both in Turkey and abroad.

Founded in 1976 as Universal Translation Agency, Universal Language Services and Publishing Inc. established its first branch office in 1982 in an effort to expand its customer portfolio. The company was registered as a joint-stock corporation, and restructured its organization in 1985 with a view to creating a more efficient working environment and providing more effective services to both individual and corporate customers. Employing hundreds of translators and serving thousands of customers, the company took the first step towards becoming a group of companies by establishing UniTer Translation Services in 1997 in an effort to diversify and improve the services in the translation sector. As part of Universal’s strategic management plan, UniTer focused rather on retail translation services and on small and medium-sized corporate solution partnership operations. In 2009, the Group established Translation Workshop Ltd. as its third member company to contribute to the sector’s human resources with qualified translators, accomplish even the most complex terminology projects and develop translation software for the sector. After providing services at its 600 m2 head-office in Mecidiyeköy for many years, the Group decided to establish branch office once again and established its Göztepe and Mecidiyeköy offices, both spanning a total office space of 400 m2. Today, the Group conducts all of its operations at its head-office located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Universal Translation Group (UniGroup) leaves its mark on international and large-scale projects, supplies highly qualified human resources and develops intellectual sources to meet the needs of the translation sector in these areas.