Development of Translation Industry

In line with its mission “develop the industry”, Universal continues to give its support by providing training in professionalization and organization in the industry of translation.

Professionalization and Organization in the industry of Translation

Osman Kaya, the founder president of Universal and the founder member of the Translation Association where he served as its assistant president for 10 years and also the founder president of the Translation Services Association (ÇİD), is giving seminars in the Universities and MY Schools under the heading of Professionalization and Organization in Translatorship, under the organization of ÇİD.

In these seminars which targeted especially young translators and students, the importance of professionalization and organization to perform the translation career most sufficiently and satisfactorily is expressed and all questions raised are answered in details.

Within the formation and structuring of the sectors, the most important actors are the translators, the translation managers and the academicians. Of course, the reality that some of these actors exercise more initiative, work more and provide more benefit cannot be denied. Because their leaders are the persons who in addition to their professional mastership, provide help to their profession, to their sector and to the younger actors and who believe that they should transfer to them the professional knowledge, skill and mentality that they have gained throughout their professional life.

We are aware that in order to meet the increased need for translation, communication and source of trained persons which have appeared in parallel with Turkey’s economic, social and cultural development; it is very important that an occupational law to be prepared, enacted and put inforce so that in addition to putting down the matters covering vocational training, standards and adequacy of vocational activities; the standards of quality are laid down and the sectoral structuring is completed and arranged.

For the realization of all the above requirements through a high level of cooperation and agreement; it is of course required that the organization build under the unity of labour, unity of power, unity of souls must work with high level participation as expected from such institutional organizations.